We want to give you a film as special as your marriage to live and grow with you. Like our own wedding film, we want to craft a keepsake that you'll not only love now, but in the future. To help you through hard times, strengthen your bond, and remind you of the love you have for each other.

Because this is once-in-a-lifetime. And the story behind it deserves to be relived throughout your lifetime.

A Husband & Wife Team Invested in You


 Invested in You

A Husband & Wife Team 

As a couple that deeply values the meaning of marriage and the elements that make each relationship unique, we tell your story with integrity.

By transporting you to the true sights, sounds, and feelings of your wedding day- like the laughter of your closest friends & family, the thoughtfully arranged florals, and the joyful tears as you see each other for the first time​​​​​​​. So that when you look back, you remember it in a completely unique and memorable way.


we tell your story with integrity

Facilitating Meaningful Moments

We've filmed together as long as we've been married, so we intuitively know how to work together to capture the unique little pieces of your story and unscripted moments on the fly. 

And though you may not realize it yet, 50 years down the road you'll want to have the fleeting and emotional moments from this day. And, most importantly, you'll want to remember how you felt in those moments, the love you have for each other, and the commitment you're making.

That's why, we shift the focus from documenting the day to capturing the feeling of your real and raw moments, as they were- so you can be reminded of them for years to come.


We LOVE it! We both had happy tears. It perfectly showed our day and our story.  - Rachel

Giving You All The Good             Feels

We want you to feel comfortable working with us. The more we get to know you and your story the more natural your day will look and feel on film. Because this is your day to celebrate!

That’s why rather than staging you in stiff, awkward, or ‘not us’ poses, we’ll gently guide you with fun and romantic prompts. Then, we’ll step back and create an environment where you can let your natural and unique dynamic together unfold - as we capture it all!


 These two are the best in the business and I would dare anyone to find anyone better. - Erica


Giving You All The Good Feels



As a child with a passion for music and art, I could also be found laying in the grass just to get ‘that shot’ on my first little camera. But photography and filmmaking weren’t my only passions. I also sang, played piano and other instruments, and wrote my own songs.

Each of these interests taught me an aspect of storytelling. Combined with my education and professional background in theatre, voice, and composition, I use each to thoughtfully piece together audio and video footage in your film.​​​​​​​

Together, Chris and I are grateful for the opportunity to get to know you. Learn which elements of your story are most meaningful to you. And capture them in a true-to-your-love way.

I have always been blown away by the feelings that can be captured in just one photo. From a young age, I watched as much Hollywood movie Behind-the-Scenes as possible, intrigued by the artistry of storytelling by adding sound and motion to images.

That passion, combined with my education in media arts & communications, allows me to capture your day with quality and purpose. I carefully select special equipment for each moment to elevate your film technically and artistically. All with the goal of creating not only a great film, but a fantastic experience for you.




"He is a deep-thinker, nostalgic, one of the most caring people I know, and can make me do the ‘belly laugh’! He is not afraid to be his unique, fun and sometimes quirky self. Chris helps me pause, take in the scenery, and appreciate it. He is a hard-worker, doing every job with artistic integrity. It has been an adventure remodeling our 100-year old home together. He enjoys exploring new places while taking me along for the ride. 

He encourages me to be myself, grow in my skillsets, and love well.”

“Erin is a strong beautiful woman. She strives for excellence, is always learning, and is one of the very hardest workers I have ever known. She groans at my jokes.. But she probably laughs just as much, which is great because it’s super contagious! Erin serves people well with her many talents and has been the best partner I could ask for; always my better half. She is loving, a great cook, and always up for the next challenge or adventure.

She encourages me to be myself, grow in my skillsets, and love well.”


Not only did the video (obviously) turn out even better than we could have imagined, but Chris and Erin were amazing to work with!


I am so so glad we chose Tamarack Film Co to do our wedding video.

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